10 Tips to Incorporate Bulk SMS into Clubs and Associations Communication

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10 Tips to Incorporate Bulk SMS into Clubs and Associations Communication

10 Tips to Incorporate Bulk SMS into Clubs and Associations Communication 1280 853 Hexal SMS

The power of bulk SMS shouldn’t be underestimated. You can achieve far more with bulk SMS and even make actual use of it in your group. Clubs and associations can tap into the extraordinary power of bulk SMS to make their associations more efficient, effective and thriving. We’ve come up with several ways Bulk SMS can be of help in your groups. Below are a few ways to incorporate bulk SMS into groups, clubs and associations:

1.   Meeting Reminders

Imagine you scheduled a meeting for day x and you’re the only one present at the meeting? There’s every tendency the members of your group are busy with other things and they forget there’s been a meeting scheduled for the day you all agreed on, and that can be frustrating as an executive of the group. You can use bulk SMS reminders to break this trend and strengthen your members’ commitment. You can as well automate bulk SMS by scheduling the reminders weekly or monthly and it will be delivered to your members while you’ll be able to concentrate on other important things.

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2.   Meeting Venue Information

In a situation where your club doesn’t have a particular meeting spot or you want to change the venue of your meeting, you can use bulk SMS to disseminate this information efficiently. It might be difficult to start calling the members one after the other. So, bulk SMS is a cheap and effective way to do this.

3.   Dues Reminders

Bulk SMS is an active way to remind your members of their dues payment. No one will feel harassed with a text, this way there will be prompt payment of dues.

4.   Fund Raising

You can use bulk SMS to raise funds. It is a simple and straightforward way to tell people to donate. It’s as simple as sending out the appeals to members and patrons, with 160 characters you can also be able to tell them why they must donate.

5.   Opinion Poll

You can use bulk SMS to poll your members, in a situation where you want to introduce a new policy to your members. If they support it then you can roll it out, if not you can decide to ditch it. Bulk SMS Club association Groups

6.   Special Events Invitation

Whatever the event might be, you can always use bulk SMS to publicize the event.

7.   New Members Orientation

When you have new members in your group, club or association you’ll need to orient them so they can feel like a part of you and also keep the values and vision of your association alive.

8.   Appreciation

It’s certain every human wants to be appreciated. You can use bulk SMS to thank and recognize people for outstanding services and efforts in your groups, clubs and association. You can also use bulk SMS to appreciate non-members for attending your meetings or events.

9.   Special Occasions

One way to keep the fire of love and togetherness burning in your club, group or association is to send happy birthday wishes, celebrate with them on their wedding anniversaries, congratulate them on the delivery of a child, etc. You can effectively use bulk SMS to send them your warm regards. Your members will feel loved and celebrated.

10.   Meeting Resolutions Announcement

For continuous progress in your clubs, groups or associations, all members need to know the happenings in the club. Not every member would be present at the meetings every time, so after each meeting, you can use bulk SMS to send summarized meeting resolutions to your group members.

Incorporating these tips into your groups, clubs or associations will benefit you in a lot of ways and you’ll have nothing to lose at the end of the day. To us, you’re special and we’ll provide the resources to help you succeed in your bulk SMS communication.

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