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Bulk SMS blood bank

5 Ways Bulk SMS Can Be Helpful to Blood Banks

5 Ways Bulk SMS Can Be Helpful to Blood Banks 1280 853 Hexal SMS

What is a blood bank? Simply, it is a centre where blood is stored and conserved in a safe way for later use and protection of lives. The importance of bulk SMS can’t be overemphasized, do you know with bulk SMS you can also save a life? Blood banks should literally fix bulk SMS into their services as a lifesaving tool. It is a unique and effective method of saving lives. Emergencies are inexcusable for blood banks and bulk SMS is the most efficient, cheapest and fastest communication tool needed to avoid loss of lives. Below are ways blood banks can use bulk SMS services:

1.  Sending Alert to Blood Donors 

Blood banks will definitely need persons who are ready to donate blood. Also, the information needs to be passed across to willing individuals. With bulk SMS the blood bank need not bother on getting people to donate blood. A mass campaign for blood donation with bulk SMS will be effective.

2.   A requirement of Blood to Other Blood Banks

It is unheard-of for a blood bank to have no blood, then why is it a blood bank in the first place? The more reason why all blood banks need to maximize the usage of bulk SMS. Using bulk SMS, it is easy to call for blood donations from willing donors and also from other blood banks. This way, more lives are saved.

Bulk SMS blood bank

3.   Advertising of blood donation camps

it takes less than 3 seconds for recipients to read the messages sent to their phones and with the high open rate of SMS,  you can be sure your message will be delivered and read. Advertisement to increase blood unit is made easy with bulk SMS.

4.   Health-related programs Awareness

Blood banks need to constantly organize programs that will keep patients alive and well. With bulk SMS services, information on these programs can be easily disseminated. All the blood bank needs is their patients’ contact list and a consistent bulk SMS service provider. 

5.   Health tips

Blood banks can send daily, weekly or monthly health tips to patients through bulk SMS. This will help your patients stay in check. 

A blood bank is the heart of health care centres and they need a bulk SMS service provider with fast SMS delivery. Sign up with and enjoy high-speed bulk SMS services.

How To Log Out Of Your Bulk SMS Account On Hexal SMS

How To Log Out Of Your Bulk SMS Account On Hexal SMS

How To Log Out Of Your Bulk SMS Account On Hexal SMS 500 300 Hexal SMS

Logging out on of your HexalSMS account is very easy, even easier than logging out of your Facebook account. No stress and no much clicking!

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All you have to do is, as soon as you are done with sending your SMS of HexalSMS scroll to the top right corner of your page and click on the POWER ICON then click OK! All these can be done in a matter of seconds. Like I said earlier, it’s so easy.

Log Out of Your Bulk SMS Account 2

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How to fund-recharge your Bulk SMS Account

How To Fund Your Bulk SMS Account Using Online Payment

How To Fund Your Bulk SMS Account Using Online Payment 500 300 olamide

We discovered some of our very dear customers are having issues with recharging their SMS account using online payment. We know not everyone will have access to cash all the time and we have decided to give you all a break down of how online payments can be made on HexalSMS without you bothering about cash payments to make using our platform easier and stress-free!

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You can make online payment through these following steps:

  • Log into your account HexalSMS here, or read about how to create an account here, if you don’t have one
  • Click on “TOP UP”  at the menu on your dashboard.

Fund -recharge your Bulk SMS Account

  • Insert the amount you will like to purchase and click on “PAY
  • Enter the 15 digits number on your credit card, scroll down and enter the expiry date on your card and insert CVV number at the back of your debit card and click “PAY”.

Fund Your Bulk SMS Account

Please note that we at Hexal SMS do not have access to your payment details and our online payment gateway is secured and confidential

And you will be debited from your bank account at the same time credited on your SMS account instantly! Easy right?   At HexalSMS we really love making our customers comfortable. All you have to do is sit back and relax we got you! 

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Bulk SMS Party Invitations

How You Can Bulk SMS To Send Party Invitations

How You Can Bulk SMS To Send Party Invitations 1280 853 Hexal SMS

It has been proven beyond doubt that not only firms but organizations and businesses also need bulk SMS service. Bulk SMS is for everyone, it is fitting for personal use and one of the ways to maximize the usage of bulk SMS is by using it for your party invitations. Do you realize that special occasion or party is almost here and you’ve not even passed the information across to half of your recipients, and you don’t know how to go about it? Worry no more! Bulk SMS is just the quickest and most reliable way to deliver your invitations to all your contacts at once at a very cheap rate.

Many people still print invitations cards for parties, an invitation card for one person is far costlier than sending a message to one person. Bulk SMS is cheaper, affordable and convenient to use, all you have to do is just register a bulk SMS account. Using bulk SMS for your party invitations is far more economical than the use of invitation cards or having to call each guest one after the other.

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All you have to do is get the contact list of all the people you want to invite, get a reliable bulk SMS platform and forward the date, venue, time and every other vital information of the celebration to them. 160 characters can do the job perfectly. Using bulk SMS you can make the best of the party without fears of living any information out. With bulk SMS you can get your party invitation across from anywhere and your recipients will get it. You can reach more persons at the same time with the use of bulk SMS services.

Bulk SMS Party Invitation 2

Bulk SMS can help to increase massive turn up to your party. Also, an appreciation bulk SMS can be sent to all those who made the party or occasion a success. You can even schedule the message both for the invitation and also the appreciation and go about your normal day to day business and it gets delivered at the exact time you want.

Most party invitations contain the location of the ceremony. There’s a large tendency the guest forgets the card, then get stranded. But with bulk SMS the information is on the recipients’ phone, which can be hardly forgotten on their way out. It is very easy to access the message and get the location at any time.

Do you want a quality bulk SMS platform to use for creating awareness for your forthcoming party? Then the search is over, sign up with HexalSMS, you have the bulk SMS platform that meets your needs. Sign up now and enjoy all of our services.

Customised SMS Sender ID - Hexal SMS

How To Send Customized SMS With Sender’s I.D

How To Send Customized SMS With Sender’s I.D 500 300 Hexal SMS

Technology has made sending SMS in this modern-day so easy that  SMS sent through the web will be delivered timely to all your recipient’s mobile phones! 

With Bulk SMS messaging you can send text messages to thousands of recipients with your name/company’s name as the sender whenever and where ever you are it’s that easy. You can choose any name you want to show to your recipients as the sender ID.

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To start sending customised bulk SMS, here are the few easy steps to follow:

  • First off, get logged into your account or create an account with if you don’t have an account.
  • Click on “account” at the top right of your dashboard and select “profile”  
  • Scroll down and select “sender” then go ahead to type your name, that of your company or what you will like to appear as the sender’s identity in the box and click “save”

Just like that when you send out a bulk SMS, all your recipients will get a message and know its from you! 


How To Check Bulk SMS Pricing On Hexal SMS

How To Check Bulk SMS Pricing On Hexal SMS 500 300 Hexal SMS

First, log into your bulk SMS here account or click to know  How To Create A Bulk SMS Account On Hexal SMS f you haven’t. Once an account is created and you are logged in,  on your dashboard at the top of the page, click on the icon with inscription “ACCOUNT” and then click on “PRICING” and you will be redirected to the price lists for sending SMS to all networks in Nigeria.

At Hexal SMS,  our prices are affordable and it varies depending on the network providers of those numbers you will be sending SMS to (Airtel, 9mobile, Globacom and MTN).

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how to check bulk SMS pricing on Hexal SMS STEP 2

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How To Send Bulk SMS on HexalSMS

How To Send Bulk SMS on HexalSMS 500 300 Hexal SMS

Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers. Bulk messaging lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world and you can send a bulk SMS by following these 4 easy steps.

STEP 1: Create a bulk SMS account on here. Read  How To Create A Bulk SMS Account On Hexal SMS to guide you

STEP 2: Once you are logged in,  click on the blue box on your dashboard that says “messaging” and you will be presented with our various forms of messaging ( text message, call message, text merge and extractor) depending on the type of messaging you will like to send.

How to send Bulk SMS - Messaging step 3

STEP 3:  Since you are sending an SMS, click on “text message”.  enter the numbers of your recipients on the space with the inscription  “mobiles”, scroll down and enter your name or that of your company in the space with the “sender” inscription and the next is typing your message in the message box and hit the send button and your SMS will be delivered instantly!

How to send Bulk SMS - Hexal SMS step 3

Please make sure your account is funded so that your messages can be delivered.

To fund your bulk SMS account you can do a mobile/banking app transfer and your account will be credited instantly!

How To Create A Bulk SMS Account

How To Create A Bulk SMS Account On Hexal SMS

How To Create A Bulk SMS Account On Hexal SMS 1200 600 olamide

Creating a bulk SMS  account is as easy as opening a facebook account or even easier. Here are FOUR easy steps to get started on Hexal SMS.

Step 1: Visit either on your computer or mobile phone and click on sign up here or better still just click here to sign up directly. 

How To Create Bulk SMS Account Step 1

Step 2:  Once you are on the signup page, fill the form with your details of which includes your name, mobile, email, the username (which is your email address), and password. Submit the form by clicking on the  “Register”. button.

How To Create Bulk SMS Account Step 2

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Step 3: Once you register, an activation link will be sent to the email you used in registering. Please note that if you use a Gmail account you might not get the activation mail in your “primary box” but in your “spam box,”

Step 4: Click lick on the activation link sent to your email and you will be redirected to the platform and given 5naira units to test run the platform and just as easy as that you are ready to get started.

SMS for banks and financial institution

How Banks and Financial Institutions Can Bulk SMS Effectively In Nigeria

How Banks and Financial Institutions Can Bulk SMS Effectively In Nigeria 1280 853 Hexal SMS

Bulk SMS is an effective and time-saving tool for banks and financial service companies. There are many reasons the financial industry need to use bulk SMS services to message customers. As a banking and financial industry, there’s a need to adopt newer customer-friendly methods of communicating with clients. The latest trend to be adopted is bulk SMS to increase customer satisfaction.

For banks and financial industry, security, efficiency, reliability and confidentiality are of great importance and HexalSMS provides a solution to all those requirements. Bulk SMS can be used in banks as a low cost, efficient and quick way for managers to notify their customers of new offers and services. With HexalSMS every bank and the financial industry can enjoy all this and more. We know you need to concentrate on other important aspects of running your business, so with our bulk SMS services, you won’t need to bother about your information getting to the right client or customers.

Bulk SMS campaign in the financial industry can help your company gain a competitive advantage in an oversaturated market. Our much-improvised bulk SMS services associated with all banking and financial transactions are handled with utmost care and security. We offer excellent bulk SMS solutions to all our banking clients.

With Bulk SMS, banks and financial institutions can notify customers of financial transactions, bank account and other important information without hassles.  Bulk SMS is a simple communication tool that will allow you to make fast information exchanges and make more efficient the efforts of your customer care team.

Bulk SMS Answers for Banks and Financial Industry:

  •  Payment reminders.
  •   Notifying customers of promotions.
  • Notifying customers of their bank account status.
  • Direct debit notifications.
  • Messaging between account manager and customer.
  • Notifying customers of recent updates.

Using HexalSMS services, customers don’t always have to wait for a customer representative to take their calls. Bulk SMS represents a convenient alternative for customers to get answers to their questions without a struggle. This will, in turn, save your bank and financial industry a whole lot of stress.

Financial industries can reduce cost and workload with HexalSMS service providers. Larger call centres or help desks are no longer needed because the most financial issue can be fixed through bulk SMS. This will also minimize human miscalculation and the workload of staff.

A friendly thank you message or follow-up after an agreement will help your bank and financial industry improve customer relationship. HexalSMS is just the reliable service provider you need for your pleasant text messaging that will roll customers in, keep them smiling and satisfied.

SMS for banks and financial institutions 2

With Bulk SMS from HexalSMS services your bank can:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Inform existing customers about new services.
  • Inform customers about special offers.
  • Let customers know about security concerns.

HexalSMS offers unique SMS marketing services, do check out our unique SMS marketing services. You can also sign up for an SMS account with us here now to get started

Bulk SMS for hotels | Hotel

How to Maximize Bulk SMS Services for Hotel Management in Nigeria

How to Maximize Bulk SMS Services for Hotel Management in Nigeria 1280 853 Hexal SMS

As SMS text messaging is so broadly used throughout the world, and has by far the highest open and response rate of any remote communication process, it makes sense to apply it to its fullest potential. It is immediate, unobtrusive, an incredibly interactive. Today hotel management can be easy with the use of bulk SMS. Hotels can also use bulk SMS to increase sales and business in Nigeria. Though the bulk SMS services trend is setting in slowly, surely in the near future it will grow bigger for hotels, making it an advantage for your hotel to begin maximizing the opportunity and benefits of bulk SMS services.

Bulk SMS services are an effective way for hotels to maximize customer service and customer satisfaction, allowing service providers and their employee base to communicate quickly and easily with staff, patrons and other guests. With proper communication channels like bulk SMS, the gap between customers and hotels can be minimized.

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The hotel is known as a place where guests, visitors or strangers are entertained with liberality and goodwill and you know Nigerians like to enjoy life to the fullest. Drive hundreds and thousands of customers into your hotel with bulk SMS and reach people wherever they are through their phones. We’ll be focusing on the usage of bulk SMS to improve hotel management in Nigeria. Below are some helpful tips:

1.   Online Bookings Confirmation

Through bulk SMS you can alert your customers who placed booking requests. With this, your customers need not bother if their request is being received or approved. It gives them a sense of relief that their booking has been confirmed and that their rooms will be available to them as at when needed. This is a reliable method of communication between you and them.

2.   Communication With Staff

Bulk SMS plays a vital role in streamlining the overall guest experience. It is your staff that will determine if your customers will enjoy their stay or not. Through bulk SMS you can effectively communicate vital information to your staff to ensure the smooth administration and progress of the hotel. With bulk SMS you can easily assign duties to your staff, and constantly remind them of the values of the hotel, so each and every one of them knows what to do and what not to do. This will help the hotel management run smoothly and efficiently.

Bulk SMS for hotels | Hotel 2

3.   Bill Payment

With Bulk SMS services, hotels can easily inform your customers on the bills. It is a secure and fast way of informing them of the payments to be made.

4.   Service Feedback

Hotel managers need to constantly track their progress and see how they can improve their services in the required areas. Once a guest checks out, an SMS requesting feedback regarding their experience can be sent. It will go a long way in improving your services. Verify what dissatisfies them and fix it, you’ll be amazed they’ll keep on coming and also refer the hotel to other prospective customers.

5.   Offers and Promos

Targeted customers can get information on your hotel’s trending offers and promotions through bulk SMS. It is reliable, quick and cost-effective. 

With Hexal SMS, your hotel is guaranteed of uninterrupted bulk SMS service delivery.  Don’t sleep on it, sign up for an account with us here today and start sending bulk SMS now.