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How To Recharge Your Bulk SMS Account Through Online Payment

How To Recharge Your Bulk SMS Account Through Online Payment 2558 1442 Hexal SMS

We discovered that some of our very dear and appreciated customers are having issues with recharging their SMS account using online payment. We know not everyone will have access to cash all the time and we have decided to come to your aid by giving you all a break down of how online payments can be made on HexalSMS without you bothering about cash payments to make using our platform easier and stress-free!

You can make online payment through these following steps:

Hexal SMS home page

  • Log into your account on
  • Click on “TOP UP”  at the menu on your dashboard.
  • Insert the amount you will like to purchase and click on “PAY
  • Enter the 15 digits number on your credit card, scroll down and enter the expiry date on your card and insert CVV number at the back of your debit card and click “PAY”.

And you will be debited from your bank account at the same time credited on your SMS account instantly! Easy right?   At HexalSMS we really love making our customers comfortable. All you have to do is sit back and relax we got you! 

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How To Save Group Of Numbers In A List On Hexal SMS

How To Save Group Of Numbers In A List On Hexal SMS 500 300 olamide

If you send bulk SMS regularly to a group of people it is advisable to have the numbers saved in list on HexalSMS, this will help reduce the time you use on the platform and afford you the opportunity to send messages on the go, either from your mobile phone, tablet or using your PC or someone else’s.

Please follow the steps below to get started:

Hexal SMS home page

  1. Ensure you are logged into your Hexal SMS account here
  2. When logged in, click on the DIRECTORY tab
  3. Select NUMBERS from the drop-down option or just go to
  4. Type in the name of your list/group into the LIST NAME field 
  5. Copy all the numbers you want to save from  your phone, notepad or Excel sheet and past the NUMBERS box
  6. Type in the proposed SENDER ID you want to use to send messages to the list Hexal SMS numbers
  7. Describe the purpose of the list if possible. (THIS IS OPTIONAL)
  8. Click save

Saving your contacts is as easy as ABC. Don’t have an account yet? Click here to sign up for one now

We thank you for choosing Hexal SMS!

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