5 Ways Bulk SMS Can Be Helpful to Blood Banks

Bulk SMS blood bank

5 Ways Bulk SMS Can Be Helpful to Blood Banks

5 Ways Bulk SMS Can Be Helpful to Blood Banks 1280 853 Hexal SMS

What is a blood bank? Simply, it is a centre where blood is stored and conserved in a safe way for later use and protection of lives. The importance of bulk SMS can’t be overemphasized, do you know with bulk SMS you can also save a life? Blood banks should literally fix bulk SMS into their services as a lifesaving tool. It is a unique and effective method of saving lives. Emergencies are inexcusable for blood banks and bulk SMS is the most efficient, cheapest and fastest communication tool needed to avoid loss of lives. Below are ways blood banks can use bulk SMS services:

1.  Sending Alert to Blood Donors 

Blood banks will definitely need persons who are ready to donate blood. Also, the information needs to be passed across to willing individuals. With bulk SMS the blood bank need not bother on getting people to donate blood. A mass campaign for blood donation with bulk SMS will be effective.

2.   A requirement of Blood to Other Blood Banks

It is unheard-of for a blood bank to have no blood, then why is it a blood bank in the first place? The more reason why all blood banks need to maximize the usage of bulk SMS. Using bulk SMS, it is easy to call for blood donations from willing donors and also from other blood banks. This way, more lives are saved.

Bulk SMS blood bank

3.   Advertising of blood donation camps

it takes less than 3 seconds for recipients to read the messages sent to their phones and with the high open rate of SMS,  you can be sure your message will be delivered and read. Advertisement to increase blood unit is made easy with bulk SMS.

4.   Health-related programs Awareness

Blood banks need to constantly organize programs that will keep patients alive and well. With bulk SMS services, information on these programs can be easily disseminated. All the blood bank needs is their patients’ contact list and a consistent bulk SMS service provider. 

5.   Health tips

Blood banks can send daily, weekly or monthly health tips to patients through bulk SMS. This will help your patients stay in check. 

A blood bank is the heart of health care centres and they need a bulk SMS service provider with fast SMS delivery. Sign up with https://hexalsms.com.ng and enjoy high-speed bulk SMS services.

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