How Banks and Financial Institutions Can Bulk SMS Effectively In Nigeria

SMS for banks and financial institution

How Banks and Financial Institutions Can Bulk SMS Effectively In Nigeria

How Banks and Financial Institutions Can Bulk SMS Effectively In Nigeria 1280 853 Hexal SMS

Bulk SMS is an effective and time-saving tool for banks and financial service companies. There are many reasons the financial industry need to use bulk SMS services to message customers. As a banking and financial industry, there’s a need to adopt newer customer-friendly methods of communicating with clients. The latest trend to be adopted is bulk SMS to increase customer satisfaction.

For banks and financial industry, security, efficiency, reliability and confidentiality are of great importance and HexalSMS provides a solution to all those requirements. Bulk SMS can be used in banks as a low cost, efficient and quick way for managers to notify their customers of new offers and services. With HexalSMS every bank and the financial industry can enjoy all this and more. We know you need to concentrate on other important aspects of running your business, so with our bulk SMS services, you won’t need to bother about your information getting to the right client or customers.

Bulk SMS campaign in the financial industry can help your company gain a competitive advantage in an oversaturated market. Our much-improvised bulk SMS services associated with all banking and financial transactions are handled with utmost care and security. We offer excellent bulk SMS solutions to all our banking clients.

With Bulk SMS, banks and financial institutions can notify customers of financial transactions, bank account and other important information without hassles.  Bulk SMS is a simple communication tool that will allow you to make fast information exchanges and make more efficient the efforts of your customer care team.

Bulk SMS Answers for Banks and Financial Industry:

  •  Payment reminders.
  •   Notifying customers of promotions.
  • Notifying customers of their bank account status.
  • Direct debit notifications.
  • Messaging between account manager and customer.
  • Notifying customers of recent updates.

Using HexalSMS services, customers don’t always have to wait for a customer representative to take their calls. Bulk SMS represents a convenient alternative for customers to get answers to their questions without a struggle. This will, in turn, save your bank and financial industry a whole lot of stress.

Financial industries can reduce cost and workload with HexalSMS service providers. Larger call centres or help desks are no longer needed because the most financial issue can be fixed through bulk SMS. This will also minimize human miscalculation and the workload of staff.

A friendly thank you message or follow-up after an agreement will help your bank and financial industry improve customer relationship. HexalSMS is just the reliable service provider you need for your pleasant text messaging that will roll customers in, keep them smiling and satisfied.

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With Bulk SMS from HexalSMS services your bank can:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Inform existing customers about new services.
  • Inform customers about special offers.
  • Let customers know about security concerns.

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