How to Maximize Bulk SMS Services for Hotel Management in Nigeria

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How to Maximize Bulk SMS Services for Hotel Management in Nigeria

How to Maximize Bulk SMS Services for Hotel Management in Nigeria 1280 853 Hexal SMS

As SMS text messaging is so broadly used throughout the world, and has by far the highest open and response rate of any remote communication process, it makes sense to apply it to its fullest potential. It is immediate, unobtrusive, an incredibly interactive. Today hotel management can be easy with the use of bulk SMS. Hotels can also use bulk SMS to increase sales and business in Nigeria. Though the bulk SMS services trend is setting in slowly, surely in the near future it will grow bigger for hotels, making it an advantage for your hotel to begin maximizing the opportunity and benefits of bulk SMS services.

Bulk SMS services are an effective way for hotels to maximize customer service and customer satisfaction, allowing service providers and their employee base to communicate quickly and easily with staff, patrons and other guests. With proper communication channels like bulk SMS, the gap between customers and hotels can be minimized.

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The hotel is known as a place where guests, visitors or strangers are entertained with liberality and goodwill and you know Nigerians like to enjoy life to the fullest. Drive hundreds and thousands of customers into your hotel with bulk SMS and reach people wherever they are through their phones. We’ll be focusing on the usage of bulk SMS to improve hotel management in Nigeria. Below are some helpful tips:

1.   Online Bookings Confirmation

Through bulk SMS you can alert your customers who placed booking requests. With this, your customers need not bother if their request is being received or approved. It gives them a sense of relief that their booking has been confirmed and that their rooms will be available to them as at when needed. This is a reliable method of communication between you and them.

2.   Communication With Staff

Bulk SMS plays a vital role in streamlining the overall guest experience. It is your staff that will determine if your customers will enjoy their stay or not. Through bulk SMS you can effectively communicate vital information to your staff to ensure the smooth administration and progress of the hotel. With bulk SMS you can easily assign duties to your staff, and constantly remind them of the values of the hotel, so each and every one of them knows what to do and what not to do. This will help the hotel management run smoothly and efficiently.

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3.   Bill Payment

With Bulk SMS services, hotels can easily inform your customers on the bills. It is a secure and fast way of informing them of the payments to be made.

4.   Service Feedback

Hotel managers need to constantly track their progress and see how they can improve their services in the required areas. Once a guest checks out, an SMS requesting feedback regarding their experience can be sent. It will go a long way in improving your services. Verify what dissatisfies them and fix it, you’ll be amazed they’ll keep on coming and also refer the hotel to other prospective customers.

5.   Offers and Promos

Targeted customers can get information on your hotel’s trending offers and promotions through bulk SMS. It is reliable, quick and cost-effective. 

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