10 Ways Bulk SMS Marketing Can Help Churches

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10 Ways Bulk SMS Marketing Can Help Churches

10 Ways Bulk SMS Marketing Can Help Churches 1280 853 Hexal SMS

SMS Marketing For Churches – Bulk SMS is a powerful, cost-effective way to reach your audience. The world is fast moving towards a mobile-first mindset and the church cannot afford to miss out of this trend. Bulk SMS creates a sense of urgency and that’s exactly what the church needs at this time.

Every church desires to grow not only in numbers but also in communication with its members on a regular basis. Considering that 90% of individuals read SMS within 3 seconds, wouldn’t a mobile divine intervention make sense?

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Bulk SMS represents a more intimate and immediate solution of reaching out to church members. Whether this is to announce upcoming events, appreciation, reminding its members of important dates or send other important messages, then bulk SMS is a very effective tool that is easy to implement and has a broader reach.

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One must have a very strong and vibrant follow-up team in the church that constantly keep in touch with both new members of the church and old. Bulk SMS service helps you achieve this effortlessly. It is cheaper, faster and has amazing features. Your church can benefit from the use of bulk SMS in the following ways:

  1.    Bulk SMS is the cheapest way to communicate with a large audience. For a church, every little bit counts and SMS is a cost-effective tool.
  2.   With the introduction of bulk SMS, churches can now easily invite people to church programs and also motivate mass turn up for outreaches or evangelism.
  3. Bulk SMS services can be used to express gratitude to new and old members. This nurtures the relationship between the church and its members.
  4.     Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. With bulk SMS, churches can easily inspire and build members faith by sending daily scriptural verses.
  5.  You can also send seasonal wishes to members on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas holiday etc. showing them how much the church cares. Bulk SMS for Church | Churches
  6.   Bulk SMS can help churches send out invitations for their subsequent church programs or weekly activities.
  7.       Bulk SMS services can be used to help church members read through the whole Bible in a year.
  8.       Bulk SMS can be used to orientate church members on the values and ethics of the church.
  9.       Bulk SMS can be used to alert the congregation of schedule changes.
  10.   Bulk SMS can be used to encourage parishioners to attend service.

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