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Bulk SMS and Fashion Industry

4 Ways Bulk SMS Marketing Can Be Used In Fashion Business

4 Ways Bulk SMS Marketing Can Be Used In Fashion Business 1280 853 Hexal SMS

The fashion industry world over is known to be home to new daily trends and having an effective marketing strategy can be very difficult and pricey. but having an effective SMS  campaign can help boost sales immensely.

Customers become aware of alternate fashion brands by researching online, and technology in marketing means that many brands are also aware of this. To enhance the retail experience, you’ll need to reach customers at every level, so an SMS marketing campaign is an ideal part of this solution.

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SMS is a mobile marketing service intended at reaching a target on their mobile devices through text messages. Customers and businesses are increasingly dependent on SMS as well as their expectations about what this strategy can deliver.

Bulk SMS and Fashion Industry 2

As a fashion business owner, you can use SMS for communication, promotional and marketing purposes. You can send new  Here are some important steps on how to integrate SMS into your fashion business:

1. Mobile-friendly Theme

Ensure all your SMS services can be viewed on mobile devices. You need to make sure that menus and content display well for users and that cannot be achieved unless you have a mobile-friendly theme. This means optimizing your web pages for tablets and smaller screen sizes. You can also invest in a quality theme compatible with all mobile phones, this allows the user to read contents on the SMS easily. Make sure your SMS is friendly and concise. Always send vital information through SMS to avoid miscommunication. 

2. Target Audience

The most active SMS services are those targeted to the right audience. It is important to differentiate between the interested and uninterested audiences. In your fashion business, you can develop ideal client profiles (ICPs) and target buyer personas to know the categories of customers to target with different SMS campaigns with specific deals tailored for each

SMS can be tailored to reach your ICPs and Buyer Personas when you know them, this way you can know the right platform to channel your SMS campaign. In return, you save money, time and energy.

3. SMS Marketing

According to research, 58% of smartphone users check their phones at least every hour. Phones get smarter, but SMS, a technology from the ‘90s, is still one of the most effective ways to reach the mobile audience. SMS marketing is an affordable mobile marketing strategy that fashion businesses can use to promote their services. People respond to the urgency of a text more. It is quick, easy to implement and has a broad reach.

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4. Clear Call-to-Action

Having clear CTAs makes it easier for customers to get involved with your fashion brand, this helps the viewer make the next rational step in a way that feels natural and also helps you give them more detailed information on the latest trends, deals, styles in your fashion business. It is important that fashion business owners create CTAs that don’t require too many steps to be completed, the customer will tire easily and information might not get communicated.

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Salon Spa Bulk SMS

6 Reasons Why Beauty Salon Should Use Bulk SMS Marketing for Rapid Growth

6 Reasons Why Beauty Salon Should Use Bulk SMS Marketing for Rapid Growth 1280 853 Hexal SMS

For beauty salons, bulk SMS marketing can be a budget saver, it allows you to send texts to customers or clients instantaneously. It is cost-effective and yield incredible return-on-investment. Beauty salons can reap countless benefits from using bulk SMS, it gives you the power to preserve and engage current customers, as well as share deals that can drive new customers to your business. It appears that 90% of young adults sleep with their phones. On average, they will read a text within 4 minutes of receiving it, in order words, bulk SMS marketing is a needed marketing tool. Bulk SMS can be used to boost sales, attract new customers and grow in every aspect of the salon business.

Beauty salons can reap the advantages of strategic bulk SMS marketing. Bulk SMS can help address the issue of missed appointments, drive sales, improve brand awareness, and many more. Bulk SMS marketing is the perfect way for your business to reach clients. Here are some benefits your beauty salon will enjoy from using bulk SMS marketing as a tool to grow the business:

1. Increase in Revenue

By utilizing bulk SMS marketing efficiently, you can send targeted messages promoting new products, sales and special deals without having to rob a bank. Here is an SMS example: “Manicure and pedicure now available at *salon name*, offering a 10% discount for our first 10 customers”

2. Reduce overhead Cost

Bulk SMS marketing is a lot cheaper than any other advertising strategy, you can reach a large number of clients through their mobile phones.

3. Increase Referrals

Using bulk SMS as a marketing tool, you can encourage newly opted-in clients to forward your message to friends or family by offering them a discount. Send relevant and timely messages to encourage them to forward your messages, before you know it you would have gained new clients for yourself. Below is an example: “Share this message with a friend and reply to this text to get a free haircut at *salon name*

Salon Bulk SMS Spa4. Increase Customer Services

All issues pertaining to booking confirmation, service options, appointment and prices can be resolved through bulk SMS services. You can make your clients feel loved by celebrating their big day with them. Here is an SMS example: “Hello Princess, your hair booking request has been confirmed!”Signed, Motty@*salon name*

5. Feedback

Getting feedback from clients is of great importance. Text out surveys after a salon appointment, that will help you know where and what to improve on in your beauty salon business. Here is an example: “Happy with your hair-do? Please rate our services on a scale of 1(extremely dissatisfied) to 5(extremely satisfied) and get 20% off your next hair-do *salon name*

6. Appointment Reminders

Applying bulk SMS marketing, every beauty salon can reduce the number of no-shows. Life can get busy and everyone is subject to forgetting. But by sending a simple appointment reminder, you can save both you and your client time and money. You can send the text a day before the appointment, that way it’s still fresh in their memories. See an SMS example: “Hi Betty, this is a reminder of your appointment with us at *salon name* by *time* tomorrow. See you soon!”

Bulk SMS marketing is the most convenient and affordable solution for beauty salon workers and management looking to have their messages honoured and heard. 

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Bulk SMS Importance to Schools

The Importance Of Bulk SMS To Schools And Why You Should Choose HexalSMS

The Importance Of Bulk SMS To Schools And Why You Should Choose HexalSMS 1280 853 Hexal SMS

Bulk SMS can be used as a marketing channel focused on promoting a brand, business or service to mobile users in an efficient yet mobile-friendly way. Bulk SMS works perfectly with mobile devices, with the increased rate of its usage, your school business can be all up on peoples’ faces. There are various mobile-based strategies or platforms like mobile applications, mobile websites, voice-calls, etc. but SMS still has a way of passing your information effectively and easily

Bulk SMS is a revolutionary marketing strategy in a business space today. It communicates directly with customers. Bulk SMS can reach a target audience through their smartphones since mobile has become an integral part of our life and mobile devices are consistently used daily. You need a more customer-controlled and technologically up-to-date marketing tact to remain in school business for the long run and grow. Signing up with HexalSMS in your school business is just what you need.


Increasing Importance of Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS improves the way schools interact with their students, staff and parents’ engagement with their school. Today, a large number of people access the internet through mobile rather than a laptop or desktop. Parents can easily get involved with a school because schools notify them with the relevant information through their mobile devices. Research shows that 80% of internet users own a smartphone.

Effective Bulk SMS services mean researching to understand mobile user’s nature, designing content that is mobile-friendly and making use of a strategic technique like SMS in order to get connected with your audience. Every school wants to concentrate on running their business and HexalSMS is aimed at making it easy for you, you won’t have to bother about your information getting to the right audience.

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Bulk SMS Importance to Schools - Hexal SMS

Why Is Bulk SMS Important To  Your School Business?

The importance of bulk SMS services as a school owner cannot be exaggerated. Parents, students and staff will appreciate digital content better these days. Here are a few reasons which can explain Bulk SMS importance:

  1. Quick services accessibility: Your audience wants fast and quality services. They want a service provider that can meet their needs anytime, anywhere and can be reached easily. HexalSMS is here to serve you better. Schools can contact their wards, sponsors and staff using bulk SMS strategies. Your audience can also send feedback at ease.
  2. School business transactions made easy: It is easier and faster to use bulk SMS services for school business transactions. Many schools will save parents and guardians contact details to notify them about the student report overview, school fees, excursions, holiday notifications, special events etc
  3.  Information has become an essential part of life: Information is a necessary part of daily life. The world has transformed from word of mouth info. Schools need to up their games and bulk SMS is a needed tool for disseminating information better and faster to school staff and parents
  4. Bulk SMS marketing: Bulk SMS marketing brings a remarkable change in school business marketing. This can also be used to follow up parents of prospective students, summer school campaigns and new session registrations.

 The importance of bulk SMS services can’t be overstated. It should be integrated into every school business for rapid growth. Follow a strategy in order to expand and enhance your school business based on bulk SMS.

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Why Bulk SMS Marketing should be your #1 Marketing Priority in 2019

Why Bulk SMS Marketing should be your #1 Marketing Priority in 2019 762 500 Hexal SMS

SMS is an effective marketing tool for businesses. Bulk SMS marketing is the hottest movement of SMS marketing. It reaches the customer on their mobile phone, SMS is personal. The message is literally delivered directly into their hand. Bulk SMS is gaining lots of liking in the E-commerce sector. With bulk SMS marketing, your business can reach the customers as soon as the message is sent and there are no Ad copies.

Bulk SMS is more affordable than other conventional advertising channels. Bulk SMS is a cost-effective method of conveying a business’ message to customers. If you can’t afford the cost of direct mailing, then you should consider opting for bulk SMS services. It is cheaper and more effective.


Communication is easier with SMS, it is a constant source of communicating with customers in any type of business in 2019. Bulk SMS can be used to keep in touch with current customers and acquire new customers. Using two-way SMS communication, a business can receive replies to the bulk SMS messages sent.

Some Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing:

  •         Bulk SMS can be used as a target form of marketing.
  •         The success rate of SMS marketing is high.
  •         SMS can make a business’ marketing campaign more effective.
  •         Your message can be efficiently delivered to the required group.
  •         An SMS can reach a customer wherever they are.
  •         SMS is cheaper than a phone call.
  •         SMS can be stored for use at a later stage.
  •         Your message gets across in 160 characters or less.
  •         SMS can be scheduled to go out at a certain date and time.

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Based on the studies made over time, here are some key facts researches:

  •         SMS has a 98% open rate.
  •         Reliable delivery to over 800 networks in more than 200 countries.
  •         20-30% of customers open their messages.
  •         6 billion individuals use mobile phones.
  •         47%of beneficiaries who click on SMS-link make a buy.
  •         90% of individuals read SMS within 3 seconds
  •         32% of beneficiaries react to offers while 31% react to survey invitations.

Bulk SMS | SMS | Marketing | Bulk SMS Marketing | SMS-delivery

SMS can be the most powerful marketing tool if applied proficiently and this is why bulk SMS should be a priority for your business in 2019.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of bulk SMS marketing. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. The disadvantages of SMS messaging have a lot to do with not following the rules guiding the use of bulk SMS than the medium itself.

Customers will most likely not engage with your communication if you don’t go by these simple rules. Some of which are:

  1.   Be Concise and Keep It Short: Long texts can distract recipients. SMS messages should be straight to the point. Customers are probable to appreciate a clear and concise message more.
  2.   Include an Opt-in/ Opt-out: Customers should be allowed to choose if they want to continue receiving messages from you or not. Sending SMS to an uninterested customer will most likely frustrate the recipient. Giving them an option means you would be reaching a more interested audience.
  3.   Clear CTAs (Call-to-Action): Make your intentions clear enough. Ensure you direct people to another link, your website or social media handles. This allows them to get involved in your business campaign marketing.
  4.   Find The Right Frequency: Find the ideal balance. Sending SMS messages too often disturbs the personal nature of a customer’s phone. Don’t violate a customer’s personal space with too much content or too many updates, it results in immediate alienation.

Getting SMS messaging right is key. Done correctly, it is a proven marketing channel that can boost your business and give you an edge. Join bulk SMS today!

Knowing the usefulness of bulk SMS marketing is not sufficient, you need to choose a dependable bulk SMS provider who can offer you the best delivery in terms of charges and quickness.


Food Restaurant Bulk SMS

6 Ways Food Stores And Restaurants Can Maximize SMS For Business Growth

6 Ways Food Stores And Restaurants Can Maximize SMS For Business Growth 1280 720 Hexal SMS

Growing your food store business with SMS Marketing is a potent and economical way to reach new customers all while enhancing the experience of your current customers. SMS Marketing promotes sales and transformation when it comes to open and reply rates. The world is fast moving towards a mobile-first mindset and food stores and restaurants can also maximize these benefits to efficiently stay connected with their customers. In return, growing their business. Approximately, 99% of the world has a mobile device.

SMS Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your store shop or website growth as a restaurant owner. SMS Marketing helps to increase customers’ response, promote sales and also helps to grow your restaurant business into a reputable and respected brand. Businesses are turning to SMS Marketing to strengthen their campaigns, following this trend will help grow your restaurant business.

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So, let’s walk through some of the ways you as a food store owner can maximize SMS Marketing to grow your business;

1.  Advertisements

Think about the last time you received an SMS notification, how long did it take you to look at what popped up on your phone screen? Most likely within minutes. Same applies to the customers you want to reach out to. With SMS marketing you can guarantee your message will be read, so let your customers know when there’s a sale on, how it operates, the timeline, the benefits and most importantly how much money they can save when there is a new deal. This helps your customers keep track of the sales, discounts and promotions your food store and restaurant is offering. Check out an SMS example; “Hey, Diane here’s a special 15% discount on our local Jollof rice combo just for YOU throughout the month of July. Use  JULYBITE code when you order on tonguebite.com”.

 2.  Purchase and distribution updates

 Keeping tabs on when your customers’ order is to be delivered and getting them aware of the delivery is quite important. Appreciating them after purchasing your products makes them feel special. This way, SMS Marketing helps build trust and loyalty. See an SMS example; “Hi Temi, you placed an order on our website for 20 plates of our garnished potatoes. Please note your order will be delivered in 30 minutes. We hope you enjoy your meal”. 

3.  Targeted communication

As a food business owner, you can tailor a promotional SMS campaign to specific customers. SMS Marketing is far more refined, elaborate and friendly. Customer purchase history can be used to establish customer profiles, making it easier to reach your targeted customers through SMS Marketing. Check out an SMS example ; “Jollof rice and grilled chicken are available for you. Just the way you like it (Yummy and Peppered)! Visit us Sky Lounge today. 

SMS Food Restaurant Jollof Rice

4.  Store visits

Through SMS Marketing, customers can visit your store. An SMS can make this happen for you. Let them know of the irresistible offers up for grasp when they visit. Here is an SMS example: “Get 20% discount on every item you purchase at each of our outlets, offers open from 25th August- 2nd September 2019”

5.  New stock and products information

 If you have new products for sale, keep your customers updated via SMS. Check out an SMS example; “Hi Kate, we now have freshly baked chocolate cakes at The Cakes Place. Place your order today on our Instagram page @thecakeplace”.

6.  Feedback

It’s good for a business to know how far it has come and how well they have been able to meet its customers need over time. You can send your customer an SMS after purchase and see what they think of the services rendered. Check out an SMS example; “Hi Temi, your garnished potatoes have been delivered to your office address. Are you pleased with your order? Feel free to let us know how we can improve our services via 08123456789

SMS Marketing is a fantastic marketing tool. So if you are a food store or restaurant owner or you have any kind of business,  SMS Marketing is just for you! There are enormous benefits attached and your customers will value it. It is fast, personalized and suitable for any food store business.

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bulksms mobile marketing

How To Promote Your Business With Bulk SMS Marketing in 2019

How To Promote Your Business With Bulk SMS Marketing in 2019 1883 1500 toyin

Bulk SMS is one of the most common ways of marketing in Nigeria and globally,  although it is underrated. There are over 200 million mobile phones registered in Nigeria and 92 million of these registered phone numbers are not connected to the internet so SMS and mobile marketing are one of the most effective ways to communicate and engage these people.

It’s no news there’s a continuous rise in mobile messaging applications, SMS (Short Messaging Service) still proves irresistible, convenient and affordable for businesses to get across with their customers. This strategy has never failed to deliver its input in promoting businesses.

Countless opportunities abound in bulk SMS and mobile marketing. The average open rate for emails is somewhere between 20-30%. In comparison, Bulk SMS has an open rate of 98%. Below are some of the ways you can promote your business with bulk SMS marketing in 2019:

Offer Benefits & Incentivize People

The potential return on investment here is too attractive to let go of, making it easier for businesses to promote their products/services and even support their operations with irresistible offers that draw customers in. maximize the benefit of your SMS campaign by dedicating time to crafting effective messages. Check out an SMS example below:

“Merry Christmas!!! Celebrate by taking an extra 20% off on purchase of our finger-licking Sharwama”


Every customer wants to feel loved, let them understand they are your VIPs and they are valued. Send exclusive event reminders to your customers, along with consumer appreciation coupons on their birthdays or special occasions. Check out an SMS example below

”Dear Funmi, here is wishing you a birthday and many prosperous years ahead, From all of us at Tanet Enterprise”

  1.  Appointment Reminders

In a business where you have to arrange appointments with your customers, a simple appointment reminder text helps you stay organized and enhances the customer experience.

Hello Josephine, we wish to remind you of your hair appointment at 2.p.m. We can’t wait to host you. Warm Regards, Pankere @theZibaSalon.

bulksms mobile marketing

4. Use CTAs (Call-To-Action)

The goal is to keep customers engaged, CTAs helps in achieving that. It helps customers value, read and act on the texts.

Here are some CTA samples;

  • Click here – Sometimes you have more information for your customers and don’t have enough SMS space, in that case, a ”click here” button will provide a link to necessary details.
  • Text-to-Win– A lot of customers would be interested in winning a prize or gift. This increases customers engagement, and it’s an effective way to remind customers of your business and continue promoting sales.
  • Buy-Now – this is a perfect and tempting CTA Button for promoting your business. It makes it easier for customers to make a purchase.

Be careful not to create long texts, it can distract recipients, and they most likely won’t engage with your communication. Get to the point! Make it a clear and concise message.

Still wondering why you should use Bulk SMS for your business marketing? Here are some benefits:

  1. SMS helps your business stay connected with your customers, by offering ongoing services and creating upselling opportunities.
  2. SMS will boost customer value and engagement.
  3. SMS ads are free from advertising and spam, unlike other marketing applications that are usually overrun by advertising and spam.
  4. Customers are more likely to purchase your products if the messaging is appropriate and personal.
  5. SMS personalizes your marketing messages.

Want to send SMS? Get started with us by signing up on hexalsms.com.ng. It takes a few seconds to register and begin sending your messages. start enjoying the unlimited benefits of Bulk SMS today!