4 Ways To Boost Customer Engagement And Sales With Bulk SMS

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4 Ways To Boost Customer Engagement And Sales With Bulk SMS

4 Ways To Boost Customer Engagement And Sales With Bulk SMS 1280 853 Hexal SMS

Bulk SMS is one of the most common ways of marketing in Nigeria and globally,  although it is underrated. There are over 200 million mobile phones registered in Nigeria and 92 million of these registered phone numbers are not connected to the internet so SMS and mobile marketing are one of the most effective ways to communicate and engage these people.

It’s no news there’s a continuous rise in mobile messaging applications, SMS (Short Messaging Service) still proves irresistible, convenient and affordable for businesses to get across with their customers. This strategy has never failed to deliver its input in promoting businesses.

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Countless opportunities abound in bulk SMS and mobile marketing. The average open rate for emails is somewhere between 20-30%. In comparison, Bulk SMS has an open rate of 98%. Below are 4 ways you can boost customer engagement and sales with bulk SMS marketing in 2019:

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1. Offer Benefits

The potential return on investment here is too attractive to let go of, making it easier for businesses to promote their products/services and even support their operations with irresistible offers that draw customers in. maximize the benefit of your SMS campaign by dedicating time to crafting effective messages. Check out an SMS example below:

“Merry Christmas!!! Celebrate by taking an extra 20% off on purchase of our finger-licking Sharwama”

 2. Appreciations

Every customer wants to feel loved, let them understand they are your VIPs and they are valued. Send exclusive event reminders to your customers, along with consumer appreciation coupons on their birthdays or special occasions. Check out an SMS example below

 ”Dear Funmi here is wishing you a birthday and many prosperous years ahead, From all of us at Tanet Enterprise”

3. Appointment Reminders

In a business where you have to arrange appointments with your customers, a simple appointment reminder text helps you stay organized and enhances the customer experience.

Hello Josephine, we wish to remind you of your hair appointment at 2.p.m. We can’t wait to host you. Warm Regards, Pankere @theZibaSalon.

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4. Use CTAs (Call-To-Action)

The goal is to keep customers engaged, CTAs helps in achieving that. It helps customers value, read and act on the texts. Here are some CTA samples;

  1. Click here– Sometimes you have more information for your customers and don’t have enough SMS space, in that case, a ”click here” button will provide a link to necessary details.
  2. Text-to-Win– A lot of customers would be interested in winning a prize or gift. This increases customers’ engagement, and it’s an effective way to remind customers of your business and continue promoting sales.
  3. Buy-Now– this is a perfect and tempting CTA Button for promoting your business. It makes it easier for customers to make a purchase.

Be careful not to create long texts, it can distract recipients, and they most likely won’t engage with your communication. Get to the point! Make it a clear and concise message.

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