6 Reasons Why Beauty Salon Should Use Bulk SMS Marketing for Rapid Growth

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6 Reasons Why Beauty Salon Should Use Bulk SMS Marketing for Rapid Growth

6 Reasons Why Beauty Salon Should Use Bulk SMS Marketing for Rapid Growth 1280 853 Hexal SMS

For beauty salons, bulk SMS marketing can be a budget saver, it allows you to send texts to customers or clients instantaneously. It is cost-effective and yield incredible return-on-investment. Beauty salons can reap countless benefits from using bulk SMS, it gives you the power to preserve and engage current customers, as well as share deals that can drive new customers to your business. It appears that 90% of young adults sleep with their phones. On average, they will read a text within 4 minutes of receiving it, in order words, bulk SMS marketing is a needed marketing tool. Bulk SMS can be used to boost sales, attract new customers and grow in every aspect of the salon business.

Beauty salons can reap the advantages of strategic bulk SMS marketing. Bulk SMS can help address the issue of missed appointments, drive sales, improve brand awareness, and many more. Bulk SMS marketing is the perfect way for your business to reach clients. Here are some benefits your beauty salon will enjoy from using bulk SMS marketing as a tool to grow the business:

1. Increase in Revenue

By utilizing bulk SMS marketing efficiently, you can send targeted messages promoting new products, sales and special deals without having to rob a bank. Here is an SMS example: “Manicure and pedicure now available at *salon name*, offering a 10% discount for our first 10 customers”

2. Reduce overhead Cost

Bulk SMS marketing is a lot cheaper than any other advertising strategy, you can reach a large number of clients through their mobile phones.

3. Increase Referrals

Using bulk SMS as a marketing tool, you can encourage newly opted-in clients to forward your message to friends or family by offering them a discount. Send relevant and timely messages to encourage them to forward your messages, before you know it you would have gained new clients for yourself. Below is an example: “Share this message with a friend and reply to this text to get a free haircut at *salon name*

Salon Bulk SMS Spa4. Increase Customer Services

All issues pertaining to booking confirmation, service options, appointment and prices can be resolved through bulk SMS services. You can make your clients feel loved by celebrating their big day with them. Here is an SMS example: “Hello Princess, your hair booking request has been confirmed!”Signed, Motty@*salon name*

5. Feedback

Getting feedback from clients is of great importance. Text out surveys after a salon appointment, that will help you know where and what to improve on in your beauty salon business. Here is an example: “Happy with your hair-do? Please rate our services on a scale of 1(extremely dissatisfied) to 5(extremely satisfied) and get 20% off your next hair-do *salon name*

6. Appointment Reminders

Applying bulk SMS marketing, every beauty salon can reduce the number of no-shows. Life can get busy and everyone is subject to forgetting. But by sending a simple appointment reminder, you can save both you and your client time and money. You can send the text a day before the appointment, that way it’s still fresh in their memories. See an SMS example: “Hi Betty, this is a reminder of your appointment with us at *salon name* by *time* tomorrow. See you soon!”

Bulk SMS marketing is the most convenient and affordable solution for beauty salon workers and management looking to have their messages honoured and heard. 

When it comes to communication and marketing in your beauty salon, don’t you think you deserve some pampering too? We’d love to help. Grow your business and improve customer experience with bulk SMS by signing up with HexalSMS now at https://hexalsms.com.ng

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